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Welcome to J.A. Miller Wealth Management

Why J.A. Miller WM

Every commercial, webpage, and social media ad claims to offer the best financial services leaving most people wondering where to go next. While other companies are racing to shout the same loud message, J.A. Miller offers a new approach. Our discovery has led us to start a wealth management practice that focuses on providing actionable financial strategy to fit your where you want to go TODAY.

Our Service

We understand that balancing life with retirement planning, estate needs, tax optimization, etc., can be overwhelming. This is why we developed an approach to take this burden from you so you can appreciate the most important things in your life.

  • Actionable Financial Planning

    We use retirement planning tools to help gauge what retirement can look like for you. We can run our illustrations to work through your current potential amount of retirement income (pensions, social security, investments) versus how much your desired retirement lifestyle will need. From there we start filling in the gaps with how much to fund and into which type of retirement plan to optimize your growth strategy.

  • Our Investment Plan

    Our investment strategies aim to fit with what you are trying to accomplish, but fundamentally we believe in the optimal risk/return of the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory developed by Harry Markowitz. We know that market timing is very difficult, so why not use low cost indexes and a strategy that can potentially benefit from both good and bad markets?

  • Coordinate Estate Planning

    We do not draft the documents, but we understand the importance that they represent. For example, if you have kids, have you named guardianship in the event of a disaster? Have you discussed who should be your power of attorneys (durable and health P.O.A)? Is a trust suitable to transfer your wealth to kids or your charities of choice? Should life insurance play a role in either taking care of your family or as a tool to transfer wealth?

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